Shower Suicide



I thought of you today. Mostly in the shower after the hot water blistered my skin. I had my eyes opened at first until I realized I wasn’t seeing through them, just like with you. My knees became weak at the thought of the momentous efforts I needed to wash my hair. I sat down and watched all of my blood, all of my sweat and words race towards the drain. I swear, they stopped on the edge, turned to look back at their creator and smiled right before they jumped. The steam created a haze of loss around me and I remembered you softly. “How…” I thought to myself over and over until the water flattened all of my hair before my eyes. I brought my knees to my chest and sobbed. I’m not so sure I can tell you that I care to hear your response after you hear me tell you I lost you in the shower today. You stood on the edge of the drain, and smiled at me before you jumped. So I’ll be here, with my knees to my chest, waiting, sobbing.

Alexandra L. Narron

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