To Dwell on the Unknown



Poem of healing one's self and giving sickness the flick, after all, it is a choice to own it or not, I know I owned it once upon a time

But to move on is another thing

To be sick is to give it a go

To flick it off is choice

But this never happens

We hold onto the old though it makes us sick

We don’t want to let go

It’s an old friend

It holds on like it's got claws

Our energy holds on tight too

Won’t let go

Until your health suffers and No means No

But it’s like we don’t care

No, it’s not that the energy stays still

It’s like it sucks us out and spits once more

Tired you get, run down is a daily life

But we just pick away at the old

We try to find the new

But people get in the way also

Always wanting

Just help us with this; I know you can do it

You’ve done it for us before

Yes you say and then yes again but your body cries no

You slowly get a hint

It’s not what you always want

It could be sickness, disease or a fall

What a wake up call you say

But something had to happen we wouldn’t listen

Wake up your body says

Helps you seek, the money mounts up,

But if we listened in the first place it wouldn’t cost so much

And we wouldn’t be ill forever more

But now we sit up and listen

For how long only our body can tell

Tick tock goes the clock, as we do in our time

In our lifetime — Tick

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