Ship of Dreams



Sailing lifes path


Building the ship of dreams
casting away to lands anew
setting sail on the oceans of opportunity
riding the waves of disappointment 
surfing the troughs of despair
to arrive at calm waters 
where possibilities lie  
in waters as clear as glass
to be plucked and carried on to fruition.

The journey can be long and hard
the sea of fools filled with reefs
a firm hand guiding the ship
a watchful eye on the horizon
a guiding light stands ahead
bringing you into the safe harbour
a star shines bright in the firmament
when sun dips below the horizon
when skies become like squid ink.

Waves crash over the bow
near overwhelming the craft
but pushing through the troubled water
continuing on when we just cant go on
digging deep to find our true strength
finding the person we know we can be
a voyage of discovery, a trip to the limits
Only I can navigate my route
Only I can find my destiny.

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