Chocolate, flowers and a calico catfish



For each and every Mom, especially Earth.


  My mom, manages to meet and mingle with Mother Nature under the moon at midnight...


 I called Mom again, this Mothers' day

to see how she'd been and what she might say.

We talked about family and years gone away

and her walk out, that scared me, on her previous stay.


 In the height of the night she freaked herself out,

packed up her case and went walking about!

On out the driveway, then a seven mile route.

Now lost in the woods fray, I think she went South...


 Luck must have been hers, she happened to find

a forestry worker, she scared out of his mind.

He called conservation, they were too kind...

By then, I, her son, was filling pants from behind...


 The sheriff delivered my mum to me then

and questioned the abuse of this poor old woman.

Finally convinced him I wasn't one of "those" men.

I told my dear mum, "you'll not visit me again".


 Make no mistake, I do love my Mother

but, in this remote place, there's seldom another.

Mom gets it now, I've chosen my druther

and if the woods ate my Mother, I'd catch hell from my brother...


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