I've not been in quite this situation, but I've met people more or less as described, and seen their effect on those around them.

I know this is wrong,

But I can’t stop from wanting.

She’s bad and she’s cold,

And self centred as hell,

But I’m caught in the headlights,

I can’t look away now.

I’m facing destruction,

And know it full well.


She has hypnotic eyes,

That ought to be lidless,

Eloquent tongue,

That ought to be forked.

Porcelain skin,

That ought to be heatless,

And those cherry lips,

That could swallow me whole.


She’s a predator pure.

A lion, a cobra,

An eagle that strikes,

Like a bolt from the sky.

And I’m just her prey now,

Fixated and helpless,

Destined to suffer,

And destined to die.


But I’m off to her castle,

My angel, my demon.

Turning my back to,

the light of the sun.

For I go when I’m called,

Like a moth to a candle,

And offer my throat,

Though I know I should run!

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