First Day of a New Job



The unsettling experience of walking into Day #1 of a new job.

My first day of a new job!  Filled with excitement & fear,

This morning marks the next step in my nascent career,

Will they like me?  Will I impress?  Will they not think me lame?

I try to swallow my doubts & give security my name,

“Welcome.  Your ID?  Now please wait over there.”

I fidget, I sweat, run my hand through my hair,

“I’ve left a message for your manager”, he says with a grin,

“Since you’re new, I need someone to come sign you in,”

But his smile faded and the minutes went by,

His calls went unanswered, his grunts turned to sighs,

When the minutes became an hour, and one hour became three,

He motioned me back and asked "how can this be?"

"I've called other members of your team, I've done all I could,

But no one is responding, that can't be good."

His face showed concern, it was authentic and pure,

"You say you got this job, but are you really, really sure?"

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