Powerful enough to wake you up — do dreams have hidden meanings?

When I go to sleep at night I want my mind to turn off.  In fact that is the only time my mind stops its endless thoughts — but sometimes I dream.  Visions come to me, sometimes I have conversations with people my conscious mind knows have passed on and in my dreams I question that, just before my eyes open and I realize it was just a dream.  Other times I 'dream' I am floating above my bed, my eyes are opened but I am paralyzed, can't move, can't scream, although I struggle to do both.  I have dreamt of a succubus carrying away my kin.  Nonetheless each night I close my eyes hoping to get the rest I need and most times I do indeed, but...


The Dream

I had a dream last night
felt as though all the damaged souls
converged right there in my bedroom

Some where dead and buried
like my ancestors from long ago,
some were souls who were lost at war

Some where white who saw the plight,
Arab and Palestinian kids, Africans, Syrians
as well as Jews,

All those having been maltreated
in this world, victims of hostilities wielded
with savagery and abuse,

Still there were those who were alive,
mysteriously delving through the sternum
right before my eyes

Showing me their damaged hearts,
showing me their battle scars which
reached deep down into their souls

Oddly I saw all the damage done
tossing and turning in my dream, whimpering,
I struggled to breathe;

Tears ran down my cheeks as though
the flow was down the walls of a waterfall
in the desperation that ensued,

Feeling all the hurt and pain
that was exposed, I began to scream,
“what do you want from me”

Woke up to those words
actually being verbalized in the dark,
cold room, out of breath and confused,

Words ringing in my ears telling me the
deep down desire, just to be accepted
all those in existence acknowledged,

Stop the collateral damage of the violence,
the irrational theme of hate everlasting,
instead let’s just get along

Wow, what a dream could it really
be that simple?



© 2016 Connie Jordan
All Rights Reserved


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