My world is torn



This poem is about Lydia talking in her perspective when aliens took over the home planet 'Earth'. The series of events were not forgotten. The events will always be with her for entity. She will always remember this day.

I am Lydia.

My world is torn.

Since they came, the world was ambushed, destroyed and put to rest.

They left their sign; they even left a piece of their spaceship metal.

Took our belongings, put people to sleep, and stole our resources.

I was mad at them, angry that they done this.

I wanted to get revenge, but that seemed impossible.

The letters they written, burned into ashes.

Not a day goes day since I remember this day.

I am afraid that they come back.

Destroy it again.

Make it their own.



I want to forget.

Put it behind me.

But I know there will be more.

In a space of 4 years this world was a war.

Families disappeared.


Experimented on.

Then exterminated.



The aliens knew they were winning.

They knew we were losing us humans.

We formed a resistance.

But they're too strong for us.

They are capable of brainwashing us.

Making us their slaves.

But they are our enemies.

Only 9 people left.

That's it.

We built bunkers.

But they were found.

Questioned, interrogated us.

Until our words made sense.

They have power over us.

I guess this is it.




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