Light is everywhere and it's a source of: comfort, tranquility and peace. Without light we wouldn't understand even what darkness was. Thus, there must exist a balance and a relationship between the two for us to exist.


On a rainy afternoon 

When the day is cloudy 

Everything is foggy and nothing is seen

It’s a real disaster out as everything is cold 

Winter blew snow flakes as the sun shines gold 

Light hasn’t been shinning now it really needs to show 

The brightness of the light is blocked by wintery cold 

And the sun our source of light has decided to go away 

But it will be back to brighten our day. 


At dawn the sun comes up over the horizon 

All day it appears to be bright and shining 

All day the sun is crying, crying drops of light 

Because sunlight is there to ignite the day 

Without the sun, light dies and fades away 

There wouldn’t be a tomorrow no today 

The big ball of fire, big ball of light 

Would go away forever and never be bright



All night something is glowing

though, translucent it’s colors it extinguishes the darkness. 

It’s reflection upon the snow appears 

It’s passion burns like fire tears 

As rain evaporates and the clouds vanish 

Our source of tranquility peace and prosperity has arrived 

As the moon departs the morning sky 

The stars begin to wave goodbye 

and at dawn a new birth has surprised 

our mind in thoughtful enterprise


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