Written 12/12/2012 Classification: Lyric- This is a song I wrote when I was 19.

This place is old and worn down
Breathing in fumes
No place to but down

Hoping in miracles that ain’t coming
Believing in things that just ain’t real
Falling to pieces over nothing
Catching myself behind the wheel

I’m not awake enough for this
Driving on empty through the states
Forgetting our dreams along the way
Just trying to escape this place

Feeling down about life
So we just drive along searching for
Something to change
Really we can’t take it anymore

Sometimes I feel like
Burning it down
Coming home to the
Same old town

Running all over the place
Trying to find
Something to make me want to stay
Wanting some peace of mind

And it’s fine if you believe
I wish you all the best
But as long as my hearts beating
Steady in my chest

I’m gonna be restless for more
More than this life
Hopefully one day
I’ll find a wife

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