New Year's Poem 2009



Oh how things seems to stay the same ...

i need a poem

i need a poem

i heard myself groan


and then i cried

what to do?

i'm gonna be screwed

if i don't pull

this one out

so i can shout

something about

the 12 months to come


it will be

January 1st plus one

when this song

should be sung

so i thought best

make some fun

with wordsmithery

and wordplay


i can welcome

a new day

i can say

what i hear from

the new year calling

the new year coming

the new year here


but it's doom and gloom

everywhere i fear

despair is in the air

hearts are heavy with

all sorts of cares

and the news runneth over

with melamine scares


the economy is toxic

and the planet's off balance

we've lost our kilter

we're faltering furiously

consuming deliriously

carrying on ludicrously

like rapacious little ones

lilting and laughing

practic'ly cackling

in the face of the absurd


that's what i heard

from 2008 and

other years past

and that's the last

story if we don't

hurry with a fury

to put things right

reeeal ... faaast ... liiike


but tonight's

for the word and

the word today said

let's play

let's make a new day

let's find new ways

of making good for

the year to come

this next revolution

around the sun


it will bring

good and bad

happy and sad

sane and mad

and then some


so head's up for 2009

we’re in for a time

just let's hope

for the sublime

pretend it must be

and carry on

every day

with everyone


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