Because of a sensitive heart



3/12/2016 Two poems, Things I can see with my eyes closed/Crying eyes

Things I can see with my eyes closed


...and I watched the snow flakes fall,

and your hair caught them

prematurely ageing you to a grandmother.



I closed my eyes and saw the sun.



Our son, his face a picture of joy and love.

Brown eyes alight, a smile to remember.

Those small white teeth,

and a laugh for each one of them,

like rays of light spilling into my life...



Crying eyes


I cried today.

I cried for all the time we did not share.

I cried for the beauty we could have had,

for all those years in the dark

when we did not know self.

I cried for when we were unknown and unloved.


I cried today.

I cried silently mourning all the songs I will never know,

all those songs I will never sing,

and the paintings I will never see.

I cried for all those souls and lives I could touch,

but whose paths will never cross mine...

I cried because I know I could help.


I cried today.

I cried for the beauty we do have.

I cried with a bursting heart and a face aching from smiling.

I cried with muscles fatigued from laughter,

and lungs far too slow to catch their breath.

I cried tears of love.

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