A Place of Shadows



Poem about the aftermath of lost love.

A place of shadows

A place of holes

He was the muse that unlocked my soul

He brought out the pain

The suffering and shame

The things in my life I could not name

He showed me the path back to the light

Suddenly snuffing out the life

Leaving me here on a path without sight

Walking alone into this night

Whispering breezes of what could have been

Please tell me what was my sin

This soul seeks the light as the night seeks the day

With only hope to guide my way

Step by step I now take

Humbled, broken, bent and torn

Pain so great with sobbing breaths my shoulders shake

Alone on this path of heavy despair

No one around for my burden to share

He was my healing

My comfort and pleasure

Speaking words my heart would treasure

All but lies to seal my fate

To walk this path alone in pain

Remembering what was, is and will remain




                               Stares Into Space | wholio | Source

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