To You From You



Poem dedicated to the inner self, it purely expresses self appreciation and love.



Dear Heart of mine.
You are what you are.
You are mine.
Allow me to embrace you.
Allow me to carry you, as you carry me.
Cling to what gives you life.
Cling to what opens you.

May your eyes never close.
May your beat never stop.
May your smile always be wide.
May your hope and optimism live through all the madness.

Feel the sadness as you do the happiness
There is refinement and growth in both, my one.
Let go of the sadness after it has completed its work.
Take in the happiness as though it were to escape at any moment.

Walk through and beside the music, not behind it.
Feel the instruments as they brush on your vessels.
Dance, it is your birthright.

Feel the texture of the art.
Be the colour on the painting.
Continue to be a free verse
Living spontaneously and intensely.

Be a light to those who care to entertain you.
Be life to those who love you.
Be intimate with yourself.
Feel intensely the carvings of your ownself.

Stay young but mature with my ageing mind.
Have style, my crazy one.
Be a classic
Settle not for what is mediocre.
Crave for what is soulful.

Laugh unguardedly.
Always treasure the little things, the young moments.
In them lies significance and depth treasured by the soul.

Never cease to amaze me.
As you always do.
Walk gingerly amidst the terrors and the noise.
Walk readily in love and all that is beautiful and rewarding.

Draw stars, circles and pentagons.
Love, cry and love again.

You are who you are.
Be you.
Stay you.

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