Just a random poem I decided to write one evening.

Sitting here
All alone
Waiting patiently 
By the phone

For that call
From your wife
You wonder if
This will change your life

She was late
One month, you see
By a couple of weeks
Could it be?

You thought you could pull out
In time somehow
But you were wrong
And look at you now

Waiting by the phone
And wouldn't it be wild
If she were to call
And say you had a child

Pacing back and fourth
Wearing a hole in the floor
The more you think about it
You want it more and more

What would it be like 
Along with your wife 
To have a little one
To care for a life

A son or a daughter
Either one will do
As long as it's healthy
To start your life anew

A girl to dress up
In pretty little outfits
Later bringing home dates
While you have a fit

Or a boy to play catch
All day and all night
Who will miss his curfew 
At around midnight

Whether a boy or a girl
Your heart beats steady
It doesn't really matter 
Because you know that you're ready

When the phone rings
You answer the call
When she tells you the news
The phone, you let fall

No baby this time
You start to feel weak
You lean against the wall
As a tear rolls down your cheek

No child to call my own
Just a false alarm
But we will try again
I'll just turn up the charm

Trying for a child
That's the fun part
But when that child is born
It just melts your heart

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