this poem is inspired by a zeigeist song. zeitgeist means spirit of the times.

His eyes again will swallow a drop of fizzy sweat

His swollen skin revels secretly in lives upset

His finger pestle enlightens, your dirty mortar winks

The spider's icicle lense clicks and echoes through the web


Make everything meaningful

Dilate your fears in full


He comes but doesn't knock

You're ready from the wine

And don't refuse (you're a woman)

You're burdened with a soul

And, running from the words,

You leave it like it is


His picture on the screen makes every mobile sin

Wry tremble, leather winding; he knows where your darkness sleeps

A boy like him is specious; he knows it like the rest

And then your eyes will glaze over; the price of believing


Disguised by your mirror's flaws

Lying helps his feelings evolve


How come you don't know?

He's soaring on the wind

Amber fugues (he's the man)

He's burned by the sun

Heart-stained feathers rest on 

     leaves, lichen, sticks


You come out of love 

You're ready to go wild

Wandering refuse (asylum welcome)

You're burdened by his throne

And run out of luck

From this bone in his chest

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