Players of the Game



Inspired by recent events, both political and social.

I wake each day to trembling walls and tremors in my head,
The sounds and noise I hear already my brain has bled,
I know then that it’s you out there shouting into the day,
For all the ways you use your voice they must know what you say.

You say you care what happens to the world in which you live,
And to the people all around for whom justice you’d give,
Your passions burst within you and in this you feel alone,
But from us here you should know you are not the only one.

Others out there that you see so often cry the same,
And while you all feel different you are players in one game,
And each time someone disagrees you all will raise each voice,
Thinking through fear they’ll agree and choose your only choice.

Some will promise to protect and some swear liberty,
All want to make this wide world great for our posterity,
But in this game you all excel at one particular part,
Narcissism is your doctorate, exaggeration is your art.

And I understand you care and want everyone free,
And you each to each other cry “why won’t you listen to me?!”
I know and feel the passions overwhelm but I really must implore,
I understand your voice is strong, but what are you using it for?

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