Parallel World



A poem about disappearing into the world of writing.

Parallel World


Somatic osmosis, this barter I petition

To fix into the blanks on the page

Whither uncertainty, scented with debate, an omen

Leases a vestige of castles atop a nebulous summit

A cryptic sleeper is this thunderous lure

Bewitching me with prescience, wanting

And not wanting as I rummage for that gap

The breach of alchemy that sunders the dimension

Acceding entry into this pinnacle deliverance

As tangible time pulls up in pause for my recoil

When I, in this exotic empire, track

Fearlessly, inclined as a lone wanderer

Where no cords wrench me this trend or that

Only latitude remains in the truest sort as

Each sliver rolls out an oracle, a doorstep leading,

A live unfolding of impulsive twists

Vivid tidings in this enhanced milieu

Players illustrate in mortal flesh

Substantial as the tree they were birthed on

As I have been born again into this realm

Supreme in imagination with a never-ending reach

Where dare I earn the mysterial skeleton

To unleash the chosen reed and redraw this fortune

In this equivalent detail, as a sequel tears into

The lateral world that I’ve already forgotten


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