A musical poem from (and to) space

The musical piece that inspired this poem:


Twinkle, twinkle

we’ve come far

Braved the gap to you, distant star

Only to find your nursery

be our grave

How little is man now


The greater one’s reach

the emptier the grasp

Let our pride conclude

and our deaths teach


Ours is to ascend and be struck from flight

Ours is to burn in foundry flames

and lifelight

Ours is to shine but stumble blind

starfire body with a frightful mind

Ours is to endure the starless night

Ours is to never win an endless fight


Twinkle, twinkle

from the deep

All silence on a drifting ship

Shadows creeping into sleep

Emptiness that longs to rip

Quenched is our thirst to take a sip

of the void


You who seek to join us, beware


and be destroyed

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