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Something to think about is all I can say about this poem


We can keep looking back

You know that back tracking

Where there was once happiness

Filled with gladness

Filled with love and devotion

Filled with love and hope

Filled with clarity

And not charity


We keep looking back

At the unhappiness

It’s all down to us!

We ride the bus

Or take the train

Without the strain

We all have choices!

If only we listened to our own voices

The back tracking has no gain

When there has been so much pain

Have you and I dealt with it?

Sorted it out in my minds?

Have we done and dusted it?

So that life goes on

That must go on!

Letting go of the weight

So that we can walk through that gate

Is your choice so admissibly, acceptable?

If so why look backwards

When all we need to do is look forwards

The backwards so sepia

Not colourful

Yet colourful

If has been filled with long held dreams

Strange as it may seem

Yet so seemingly clear

That we held so dear

The looking back at times held no hope

Yet there was a glimmer, a shimmer

But we needed to look forward

That is where the real hope lays

It brings better days

We all have choices

Where there is love and adornment

Love that brings us enjoyment

In those precious moments

The past has gone

Long gone

Maybe just maybe

Hang onto those past precious moments

So what are your choices today?

© Teresa Joseph Franklin

7th April 2016

All Rights Reserved

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