The Gift of Life



I wrote the following poem to give people hope and myself a good talking to! There have been times when I have been in pain and I have gone back and re-read this poem and received comfort. ❤️ I hope others who read it will too ❤️

If I could live one thousand years and speak of all I'd seen

I'd put the words into a book for all to learn from where I'd been

The people I had spoken to, the people whom I'd met,

The ones I learned to love  and keep, the ones I must forget


But 'nothing ventured, nothing gained' the saying still holds true

You cannot hide your life away to keep the hurt from you

Life is but a golden coin and printed on each side

You flip the coin, you take a chance and then you face the ride


You hold the coin tight in your hand but there it cannot stay

Just flip that coin and take a chance, don't throw your life away

Happiness is on one side and on the other pain

Together they walk hand in hand like sunshine after rain


Just when you think that life is bad, worse than it's ever been

The sunshine melts the pain away and heals with golden sheen

To appreciate your life in full you must see balance blessed

For without the pain that comes along the goodness would mean less



So live your lives unto the full and never let it drift

From childhood to one thousand years it is a special gift



By Colleen Laybourne-Smith



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