Piscean orts



Happier than a hummingbird in a heap of hysop

They say some are thinking "the icthyology being".

Those afraid, say they're drinking or illogically seeing.

Piscatorially speaking, it's fantastically freeing,

and I dance while I'm squealing at those in pants freely peeing.


Now that it's said that the Mermaids aren't dead

and swim in our seabed, this mirth made has cred.

Of proof, I've no shred, save feeling kindred,

but I could have been bred from the scale-tailed-kelp-head!


No longer defied! No more disbelief!

Those wrong, who denied, can go steep in sea grief!

Of myths redefined, I grin and leap in relief!

In each sea, soul and mind swims this "Chief of the Reef"!  



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