The Corridor



This poem is a Narrative. I wrote this 12/12/2012 and previously had it posted on a website called Poetry Soup. I eventually took all of my poetry down, but I am ready to share it again. I am considering putting together a compilation.


She sat up.
Cold sweat dripping from her forehead.
She, but a small girl.
Skin pale,
Eyes blue,
Hair blonde,
Dress raggedy,
Appearance worn down,
Shoe’s falling apart.
Build frail.
Fingers trembling.
Body cold and stiff.
Alone in this corridor.
She awoke here.
Soft lonely shadows danced along the walls.
This place cold and lonely.
Felt like an abandoned cellar.
“Where am I?”
She whispered so softly she wondered if she actually spoke it.
Or if it was part of her mind playing tricks on her.
She slowly crept down the corridor.
Lost, confused, bewildered.
She had the feeling that she was looking for something.
Desperately searching…
“But for what?” she wondered
She looked around cautiously.
The walls seemed to make a humming sound,
Or was that her mind?
She shivered.
She heard a voice.
It sounded faint as if it was locked inside of a box.
But it was strange.
There was a distant echo,
It called beckoning her.
It felt so far away.
She couldn’t make out the direction.
It was like an itch that you can’t locate.
You know it’s close.
But you can’t seem pin it.
She suddenly felt the urge to hide.
She ducked down...
As she crawled she noticed her hands getting bigger.
Or was she getting smaller?
She looked down at herself
Her body had shrunk.
She gasped in terrified confusion.
Her expression horrified, mouth gaping.
“I have to get out of here” she whispered to herself
All of the sudden she heard a blood curdling scream.
Then a wicked cackle...
Her heart raced, pounding in her chest.
She felt that she couldn’t take the trauma any longer.
She gathered all her courage and...
Without a moment’s hesitation she jumped up like a frog in a pot.
She raced down the corridor panic stricken and pale.
Her frail body fighting with all its might to keep going.
Every ounce of strength she channeled into a crazed determination to continue.
All she could think was “I must escape.”
“Louiseeee” The voice echoed.
Her heart nearly burst inside of her little body.
She let out a scream of her own.
So loud it sounded almost too big to come out of her.
At last, the never-ending corridor seemed to twist.
It wasn’t an even corner.
It was crooked and deteriorating.
It appeared as a thousand year old puzzle was falling apart.
She dashed breathlessly around the corner just to find.
A door! It was at the bottom of a staircase to the left.
It looked like it led to a dungeon.
Could it be a trap?
She was weary but had no time to think and no other options.
Without a moment’s pause she raced for the staircase eyes desperate for an escape.
She ran down the cold damp staircase and half way down she lost her balance and carelessly tumbled the rest of the way down.
The moment she reached the bottom she grasped the door knob and twisted.
Only to find that it was locked.
Just then… the power went out.
Sheer darkness.
Then came the blood curdling scream again.
Followed was the monstrous chuckle.
The girl terrified curled up her head over her knees and began to shiver and cry.
Just then she heard “Louise” in a whisper repeated over and over.
Then it got louder “LOUISE LOUISE!”
It began shouting,
Then she felt her body begin to shake.
“No!” she cried “No!”
‘It’s alright Sarah… it’s only a nightmare darling” came the voice of her mother.
“Shhhh” said her father “It’s alright, we’re here now.” He smiled down at her.
Her tense muscles relaxed…
She smiled up at them feeling safe and shut her eyes again.
Just to wake up back against the door to the dungeon cold and dark.
“It’s only a dream she whispered” to herself.
She was right… It was only just a dream.
What she didn’t know was… which dream was the reality.
The lights flickered on and there was the beast.
She felt she couldn’t breathe.
“It’s only a dream” she repeated.
Somehow this proved to be of no comfort to her.
Something was wrong.
She felt an uneasy sinking feeling.
“My name is not Sarah….”
She was trapped with no way out.
Cornered up against the door helpless.
She screamed a dreadful scream.
And the beast devoured her.

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