City of Heartache



I wrote this on the 12th of April while in The Aachen Hotel in Liverpool, Three days before the 27th Anniversary of the Hillsborough Disaster, I think its apt to share today.

                                 CITY OF HEARTACHE

           The train slowly entering the station at snail pace,
            Everyone disembarking as if in some kind of race. ...
           A city at painted more Blue once upon a time,
        Now has a vibrant feel of Red that's no longer in its prime.

         Voices you might think or say are foreign all around,
       Like birds tweet only they understand the chirpy sound.
           A new lease of life seems to be in the soil,
      For a city that's no stranger to heartache or turmoil.

        Down by the waterfront the old birds stand proud,
        A statue of four men who's music made a city loud.
    Monumental buildings of Greek and Romanesque structure stand,
        As the heart and mind sing walk hand in hand.
          Night draws in as music fills each tavern,
            While in search of the magical Cavern.

The stadium of this city needs no intro its steeped in history,
I'm sure by now you know where I am is no mystery.
Sat in stand where songs of Mersey rung through,
And the spine tingling "you'll never walk alone" giving Goosebumps too.
Liverpool a city within a city one part red one part blue,
It doesn't care what your name is it'll never turn you away, so true.


  Dedicated to the people of Liverpool, Rest in Peace the 96

                       You'll Never walk Alone

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