The Fairies



This poem is what I believed as a child. I had a small garden but I used to love it. I especially loved a conifer that had been planted not long after I was born. We grew together. Once I found a circle of little stones underneath. I was sure fairies had been to visit. I used to check regularly.

At the far end of my garden

There is a little tree

It's really not that very big

Just a little more than me


But underneath this little tree

I saw a magic thing

With tiny stones placed all around

There was a Fairy Ring!


This must be the special place 

Where all the Fairies meet

Inside the ring, beneath the tree

They dance with Fairy feet!


To Fairy voice and Fairy flute

They dance the whole night long

And when the sun begins to rise

There ends their Fairy song


Every day right after school

I hurry down to see

If any of those Fairies 

Have left a gift for me


I've already left them special things 

That I thought might be a treat

Of sticky sweets and Fairy cakes

And things they like to eat


But it always seems to be the same

No special gift for me

But the strange thing that I've noticed 

My plates are all empty!



by Colleen Laybourne- Smith







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