What People Don't See



Oft times we over-complicate the simplicity of our existence and all that surrounds us


A road is just a way
to get somewhere
A car is just a machine
to drive you there
A job is just a way
to pay the bills
Money is just a construct
of bankers to steal

Schools are just buildings
of indoctrination
Governments are instruments
of people who want to rule
The media are the servants
of corrupt corporations
Fame is nothing more than
a cult of personality

A house is just a place
to stay warm, cool or dry
Furniture is just a thing
to sit or lay down on
Computers are just devices
that run programs
Appliances are just boxes
that cool, heat, wash or dry

Food is just fuel
to run your body
Water is just a liquid
to quench your thirst
Alcohol and drugs are toxins
for people to escape reality
Medicines are just chemicals
to treat societal ills

The world is just a planet
spinning and revolving in space
The sun is the source
of all life
Plants are the providers
of nutrition and energy
Sex is a means
of continuing the species

Consciousness is how we
transcend our bodies
Creativity is how humans
express themselves
Music is the vibration
of the order of the cosmos
Love is the true purpose
of our existence


Tony Caravan is the author of five books and dozens of beat poetry songs.

Listen to this beat poem set to a reggae beat on YouTube:

Copyright 2017 Anthony Caravan - Words & Music registered through BMI

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