The New Eden: 1. Angels



Beginning of a series of poems about a new eden, the face of God and how far man seems to be drifting off course.


I see angels

Twisting and writhing, spinning up into a dark cloud

On ledges watching feathers spiraling to the ground

I see faces of people in dark twisted clouds

The crosses now in disregard

Sinking into the ground

Watching us from perches high

The smell of sulphur

exotic blooms

And lightning sound, leaving trails through a pale blue sky

The storm subsides

Nature in all its intricacy


A web of tenuous silk to the sky

A spider crawls the walls of a flowered forest green

Dragonflies dart and dash between

A pale thrust of light

Grows strong like the fire

Across the garden

The angels trumpet in full bloom

Each of us sequestered in our gentle

Perfumed rooms

Where vines climb to the ceiling

And we question our absence

Only know the feeling of being

Water droplets on the edge of a storm

The restless air before

As angels spiral up to the sun

We see his countenance as a blinding light

No taste, no feeling

No sight,

Rich streaming colors to the sky

Through prism of droplets

Spirals, xs and ys

Each in a spinning stairwell

Twisting awkwardly to the sky

I see angels

In the architecture of thick heavy clouds

Deciding our hearts and our minds

We rise like shells in the tide

We fall with the same intent

Broken pieces of our bodies,

trails of where we’ve been

and after the rain, the beautiful clouds

a crushed flower grows out of the ground

that once was poisoned

by the mighty sound

of clouds

thunder that shook our deepest core

watch for the feeling of hate, disgust

find no more

a tiny seed,

the passionvine

in a desert thrusts its roots deep in the sand

God stares down on the ninth day

Angels and demons

Bartering what they can

The edge of horizon

The rich black state of space

One small flower in a desperate ocean

angels fly away….

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