As dust borne by air



1/1/2017 An abstract piece of imagery and rebirth

...and my star exploded...

white noise filled my vision. 

Blinding light deafening. 

I floated for days

in this hazy confusion. 

...and now I lap at the shores of sanity. 

Hoping you can hear me. 

My gentle voice weakening...

my tides ebb and flow 

with my breathing. 

I raise my eyes to the sun,

to smile feebly

into the light. 

Slowly, I gather myself 

from all corners of the globe. 

I am coming back to me,

I am coming home. 

Particle by particle,

atom on atom,

I rebuild. 

This painstaking process

of remaking me in my own image,

arduous and delicate.

I pray I get it right. 


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