The First Galleen



This is a nonsense poem inspired (partially) by Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll.

A sloathing day

Began in a way

Unknown to Kiffacatch

The day went sane

And so he gained

A wondrous telefatch


With light like stars

He could see Mars

Through stulking, filmy haze

The swans swirled

While skinlace curled

And made him start to daze


Memorial rocks

Towering trops

Morkas hung or hanged

Living dead

Flainen dread

Too many mortals fanged


Savory sweet

And some whaleet

He filled his mind and soul

Then for his crown

It trickled down

Like smooth pamalull


Sparkling dust

An epic gust

Would end his first Galleen

And in Kiff’s mind

There was too much time

Before the next Halloween

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