New York City Rain



The great thing about NYC is you can step outside and LIFE will happen. The wack thing about NYC is you can step outside and LIFE can break your heart. lmr


It's 2am and I'm walking down this street of steady rain.
It's times like these I believe my lone companion is this  
                                                               Neon-coated pain.
And these voices descend from somewhere, maybe
From an alley or underground...    and these voices
They come on strong...   and  almost  sound      like
                                           The rumbling of a storm...
Sometimes it rains in voices, or it sleets in stinging
Noises.  Sometimes it rains from the eyes of strangers
Or it  drizzles from the sly lips of dealers, calling out: 
"I got those nickels!     I got those dimes!
Got that freak cure to make a blind man
But we melting-pot people, we just keep on walking
While the night's  demon song  keeps on taunting us
                                    Inside this  New York City rain...
Tonight, I'm ignoring the whoring of  painted-up Lolita's...
Tonight, I'm passing by these lonely cries of beaten down beggars.
Tonight, I'm passing by a idling man muttering "Michelangelo"
Inside the cracked and stained glass within the chemical chapel
                                                                                of his mind...
Tonight, I am just a denizen, and I keep on walking
Through these twitching, blinking streets.
I just keep walking;  my mind on numb 
Under steady sheets of
New York City rain...
So let the voices come squealing and squeaking,
Like rats, on a mission to catch something ALIVE!
Tonight, like any night, you can go crazy... or
You can go hungry... Or you can just go home
To retrieve what's left of your
You can stand all alone inside the wet night
Hoping the neon lights paint you vaguely pretty
Or you can pretend not to see...  not to think...  
Not to feel
As the traffic beep-beeps, 
And the madness keeps seeping through this
New York City rain. 
copyright © 2016 by L.M. Ross
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