For Anuthaa hieght



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none required — not looking for translations for this one

Hopefully a part for this song -

Hah, rah – I know about souls,
Must see first sister brother that humanity’s a whole,
With a whole lot of trouble no-thing about it is subtle,
No — I’m not the wisest sister, daddy not the wisest mister,
No revolutionary – in my own way fight the system,
Jharoam and I alone, another height, beyond the flight,
Astro travel, you try to smite – but to quick I’m out of sight,
Past the zone and more lit than baseline with treble
No rebel – humble — no medal, (required)
But them manna flows, dead b and retired,
Tried to spit shit, — flopped (soggy farted)
Here – they missed the beat when it dropped ( thats retarded)

On another height, we’d all unite (we’d all unite)
Inside we have a spark, the light is bright,
For now, I’ll only dream of days,
Everyone will know my name,
I’m not a pawn up in the game,
Nor am I a king or queen,
Me and you are human beings
The game isn’t real- its all an illusion
I’m ready to break through, break through all the confusion

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