Let Me Be The Elements



Or let me be justFire — That indescribable life in your eyes.To the sun they may be small but Put the sun on this surface and Everything will cease. To be a fire Such as the fire in your pools Of ice would be nothing Le...

Or let me be just
Fire — 

That indescribable life in your eyes.
To the sun they may be small but 
Put the sun on this surface and 
Everything will cease.
To be a fire 
Such as the fire in your pools 
Of ice
would be nothing 
Less than a blessing. 
Felt fires steal the green 
Year by year. 
The fiery tongues kiss 
Poor souls of misfortune good-bye
As they pass on and leave 
A deep and sad silence where 
Life was once epitomized. 
But let me be this fire of yours, 
Where the destruction comes and goes 
While we sit and watch 
As life grows anew.

Such beauty! 
Such maleficence!
What majesty.
No green is greener than 
The yellow-young which sprouts 
Long after the cinder turns to smoke

I’ll lick away the dirt and grime 
Though first they may hate me, chase me 
Away and fear me as long as 
I may leave my playground 
Better than when I came.
Let me have the retrospect of fire, 
Such as the fire I see in you.
I will take the law’s lashes and hear the people roar. 
Just let me transform 
The world 
As your eyes change mine.

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