The Sound of God



I sometimes imagine I hear The Voice of God. And then there are times when I'll wonder what God sounds like. Behold, a poem which speaks to this duality. lmr

Maybe ...
Just maybe 
When God Hollers, 
He Booms & Roars & His Thunder
Sounds vaguely  like Morgan Freeman 
On a Roller Coaster... Or James Earl Jones 
With a bad cell phone connection.  Maybe His 
Voice phases in & out of our consciousness like 
Subway static deep inside the musty attics of our minds.   
Just maybe 
When God Speaks,
Perhaps it's slow & proper,
Clipped & British, like Jeremy Irons,
Or Anthony Hopkins in a Merchant-Ivory flick.  
Maybe when He's quiet, He Vibes like Nelson Mandela, 
Strong,  yet  almost  meek,  as he  pleads  to connect with
Our  Better  Angel.    & when  God  Gets Bold, Goes Maverick
& Screams,
He Conjures up
Visions of some
Hyped  & Pissed-off
Pro wrestler, on 'roids, or
A lone basso announcer in
A Super Dome dream, commanding our attention.
And  like maybe,  God's Frequency, like, comes in,
On a High & Pristine Note...  like... like Louis  "Satchmo"  
Like, bleating
On  a good day or a
Bad jazz night, with a slight cold
In a whoozy, scratch-throated cry
Of The Blues. Yeah... Maybe we choose to
Listen to or just ignore the pitch  &  thundering 
Voice of God. . .  the way we do  good music, or
In the way we too often disrespect the conceptual genius of   The Blues.
copyright © 2016 by L.M. Ross

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