The Longest Night (Benny)



An original and beautiful heart wrenching poem, very close to my heart. For little Benny.

My son he was taken before it was time,

So much potential, I was proud he was mine.

My only job was to keep you safe,

I failed you my son, and your blind faith.



My beautiful baby, my reason to be,

Has left me blinded by misery.

I just can't go on, another day more,

Without you my Benny, come back I implore.


Now before me he lies, in a box made of wood,

His place would I gladly take, if only I could.

Seeing your lips, that will never again smile,

Just like your Father's, who will NEVER reconcile.



His face still so graceful, just 3 years old,

His skin is now darker, clammy and cold.

With my lips on your forehead, I turn out the light,

and for once and for all son, I bid you good night.



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