raw emotion. Hatred and despair

God I hate my life

Caught up in all this trouble

Confusion and strife


I hate that I fuck up all I have loved

I devour all emotion

then spew it all back up


Threw it up  like rotting meat

Against the stony ground

just shut me up don’t let me make a sound


I creep around the god damn place

No work, no car, no love

I don’t even own this space


Fuck it all I scream aloud

Smash the mirror

It shards hit the ground


I am unworthy to just breathe

This fetid air

Makes me heave


Turn away the stranger

Turn from me

See me as danger


I am death black and evil

Like the darkest raven

Squirming worms and flour weavels


Run from my shadow

It kills on contact

I will crush everyone I follow


Fuck you man woman and child

End this pain

I am your stomach bile.






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