Forget Me Not



Dedicated to anyone who has ever lost someone they have cared greatly for. Your memories will Forget them Not. Be at peace that they are in a far better place then we are. God Bless

When time stands still

And the day begins to fade

When the wind begins to chill

And the birds begin to serenade


Stare into heaven skies

Watch the twinkling star

Let tears not wet your eyes

And know I'm not very far


Listen to the crickets sing

Feel the breeze in your hair

Mend your broken wing

And know I always cared


See beyond the clouds above

Remember life is but a play

Look everywhere to remember my love

It surrounds you every day


Let peace fill your heart

My battle has been fought

The end begets a brand new start

Your memories will Forget Me Not.


Written by: Jessica Lynn

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