Nature's Song



This prose poem aims to evoke the beauty of the Australian bush, by drawing upon the colorful, vibrant and dynamic imagery of the flora and fauna that hang in the delicate balance of nature.

An undefiled world lies hidden from the ravages of human decay,
while nature's clock signals the bright promise of new dawn.

Day-spring creatures emerge from the realm of dreams and gladly embrace
the smiling face of Helios as he banishes the Stygian cover of night.

Scavengers scurry along the forest floor looking for their first meal.
Famished and frenzied young clamour for their mother's milk.
Flowers raise their drooped heads, their faces flush as they welcome
the gentle radiance of morning's kiss and caress.

Rich red waratah wink at clusters of fluffy yellow wattle,
nestled beneath the primeval 'Centurion' Ash that points towards the infinity of heaven.
The storm king releases his cloudy soldiers that march, billow and roll.
Their watery armaments release shards of rains that form shimmering streams
which wind their way through the stalwart trees.

Birds of all colours perform a ritual of bathing.
Flashes of red and blue, yellow and green, glint off droplets that
twinkle and cascade like virgin waterfalls off trembling leaves.
Elegant eucalypt offer their fragrance as a healing balm for sleepy koalas.

Once more the golden sovereign peeks through as the departing storm soldiers
relinquish burnished spears that turn pools of water into golden mirrors.
Proud Kangaroos inspect their reflections as burly kookaburra's laugh -
their mirth mimicked by bell-birds who chime in response.
A dirge of Didgeridoo moan as the song of the morning rises to a crescendo

His daylight reign now complete, the bronzed god bows his head and sinks behind
purple mountains, ringed with burnt orange fire.
The dying light like blood dances upon the ghostly skin of the gumtree as she
silently weeps fragrant tears that drift upon the evening breeze.
The night sky begins to twinkle, like diamonds on black velvet
as the silent sentinels of the night stand guard.
The moon goddess in her silver gown smiles upon the sleeping earth.
Under her watchful gaze, nocturnal red eyed creatures creep and crawl through their shadowy domains as their diurnal counterparts slip into the waiting arms of slumber.

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