"Taking a stand at the polls"



A poem that I wrote today, concerning my liberal opinions about how we can make a change at the polls.

“We surely live in strange, crazy times…
and they’re only getting crazier by the day!

The religious right’s "political darlings”
are acting like children when they don’t get their way!

“What do you mean we can’t "discriminate”?!
Why, the very notion that we are is totally absurd!

We’re just passing laws against “certain people”,
that refuse to live up to “God’s word”!“

And whenever they’re speaking of women,
it’s as though they’re speaking of a subhuman class…

They collectively think that women should be submissive to men….
They’re collectively blowing smoke from their ass!

And what about people of color and race?
Why are they always being put down?

A person will still always be a person,
whether their skin is white, yellow, pink, red, or brown!

Of LGBT’s, well…they just simply hate our guts -
from our hair and skin, right down to our very bones!

Even a few conservatives would like to bring back Biblical laws,
allowing them to kill us by throwing large, heavy stones!

What of all the countless people there are,
that share a different religious belief, or none at all?

The conservatives are quite proud of shaming these people, too….
they forget that pride always goes before a fall!

They become "nice and cozy” in their seats of power and wealth!
They pass inhumane laws based upon their religious convictions!

And whenever they’re caught in the latest sex or drug scandal,
we start learning of their hidden contradictions!

They call for press conferences, with tears in their eyes,
and woefully say that they’ve committed a “terrible sin”!

And then they continue, and go on to say,
“If you give me a second chance I’ll never do it again!”

Their actions are merely part of their nature.
They’re resistant to change, and won’t even try!

But we can do something to not only change them…
we can make them fidget, worry, and cry!

Our nation’s values weren’t founded on “God”! 
We aren’t a so-called “Christian Nation”! 

And we will make changes when our freedoms are threatened! 
We shall never bow down to religious dictation!

We are a people, and we have a voice!
It shall be heard as a mighty bell ringing its tolls!

Because we’re determined to make a mighty stand, 
and we’re making our stand at at the polls!

We’re tired of being belittled, and put down, 
you narrow-minded, conservative jerks!

And you’re going to learn the hard, painful way,
that we’re about to give your careers the political “works"!

So just be prepared, because your positions are being refilled,
you arrogant, self-righteous, stuck up snobs!

You’re about to be replaced by more open-minded people!
You’re about to lose your nice, “cushy” jobs!“


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