This is the way it is to grow- Chinese translated


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Did you say those things to me or was I just hallucinating was it just a pleasent dream or am I living


in a daydream I've given up trying to please the people


live, love and life, where not the same but we are equal,


and I've given up on all that brings me sorrow,


time to look ahead for a better tomorrow. 


but maybe im just too saine, for this crazy world arround me Im lost in my brain oh here again


I think I found me.

better a little positivity,

in the rainy weather dont wish for anything just take the smile that you bring dont wish for a queen or king no need to wish for a ring love fast

积极一点会变得更好一点 ,在这个多雨的季节里只需要微笑,不要祈祷会有国王或皇后会带着爱和戒指突然出现 

live slow thats the way it should go thats the way you will grow, then in time you can know



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