Before You



This is a poem that I wrote not long after meeting my husband. We met in the February and were engaged by September. We were married 11 months later. We are now celebrating 10 years of marriage this year. I knew he was the one. I had to wait till I was 40 to meet him! :0D xxx

Before you I was a rose bud, pressing , closing tight

The beauty of my perfume never touched the night

My slender stem had thorns on to prick at every touch

My leaves were sharp like razors lest I get hurt too much


But now you are here with me, my face it feels the sun

Your love a warm protection, my petals now undone

From frozen bud to blossomed rose, my perfume soaring high

My thorns are gone, my leaves embrace now you are by my side


Colleen Laybourne-Smith Sept 2007 


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