This is the way it is to grow. (for me)



The first of my songs to be translated. Though I have been told in many languages the translation would not make sense

I have so far, Urdu, French, Spanish, Trigenyan and Mandarin. I understand not all of the song will make sense translated, however just having some of it translated, or even changed to have only some translation as in this video of the Eritrean version would be very much appreciated.  Alternatively the English from the Urdu translation of this song could be used if possible please  (found on the link below)


I am looking for help translating to, Lithuanian, Polish, German, and the other 16 out of the top 20 spoken languages. Anyone who can help me sing in these languages, or whom can translate the songs please give me an inbox on Facebook and I'll get in touch as soon as I can. It is summer, therefore I have limited time to work as I have the kids most of the time. However I would still very much appreciate help :) 


Did you say those things to me or was I just hallucinating

was it just a pleasent dream or am I living, in a daydream

I've given up trying to please the people,

live, love and life, where not the same but we are equal,

and I've given up on all that brings me sorrow,

time to look ahead for a better tomorrow.


but maybe I'm just too saine,

for this crazy world arround me

Im lost in my brain

oh here again, I think I found me


so dont, go chasing a rainbow,

there could be a pot of gold,

somewhere on the road you sowed,

dont you go chasing a line,

because it gets you everytime,

but without it you where fine

dont you go chasing on your facebook,

look at my face look,

it will get you in the bad books

life's only short, lets make it better,

a little positivity, in the rainy weather,

dont wish for anything just take the smile that you bring

dont wish for a queen or king

no need to wish for a ring

love fast, live slow thats the way it should go

thats the way you will grow, then in time you will know

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