The fellowship of the fish.



A serendipitous description of whoowat, whenwhere, whyanhow.

At “The Fish Pants Dance Antics Ranch”, as angled and administrated by ichthyologically idiosyncratic “Grand Tuna”, “Towt Wwiff”. In cooperation with his wholly fictitious but, fantastic animist minister, “Aged Phlex Spincter” from “The First Church of what’s Left of Earth” as they conspire to fabricate and prevaricate fish tales, known as obscure legends, resident denizens of Tethys and imagined apparitions caused by the over active cerebellum of “the one with thumbs who writes inanities for fish”, like Namazu, Blundering O’Bloat, Urchina and Itchy Oochenscoot, as well as top notch topiary artist, aquarium keeper, permanent camper and shear speaking serial pruner, “Tick Willy”.

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