All the way



Written for a friend in need...

So much warmth your devotion gave,

Now betrayed by life's play,

Making you feel like a fate's slave,

As your love becomes a weight

To a soul deserving so much care,

Who can you trust on this cold day?


Though it might feel strange

You're not left alone today

The good few will understand

And help you carry what they can

But you gotta see it for yourself

No dirt has the right to remain

Where trust and love reign.


There's no need to feel like a fool

When you were only being true

To what your heart was telling you to do

And even though now it feels empty

it's merely freed itself

To someone worthy of its safety.


Don't fear and always remember

If you find yourself troubling,

Worried 'bout the bad discoveries,

Just cry out and stand up straight,

Follow your life path all the way

Because you'd never believe

The good things waiting for you ahead.

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