This poem speaks to survivors. I sampled various elements for this poem. Perfume, soul, dance and many other flavours inspired the energy behind this piece. I read it to a friend and she said she could relate to it. I'm thrilled to be posting this on Scriggler. The poem is called "Awoken".


Days past,
Eat, sleep, trudge, think,
Mull, pray, sit, drink.

Out of control,
A man spoke to my body,
Spoke to my heart,
Punished myself.

Stop, go, stop, no, go!
Fast, slow!

He spoke to my body,
And shone it all off,
Do what he wants to do,
Feel what he wants to feel,

Can I forgive myself?
Calm, serene, slow.

Stop, break, pause, go!
Stop, break, pause, no!
Stop, no!
Stop, go!

Is he like this all the time?
Does he do this all the time?
Does he think I'm pretty?
Pause, go!

Stop, break, pause, slow!
Stop, break, pause, no!
Am I crazy?

Stop, break, pause, no!
Stop, break, pause, slow!


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