Discrepancies, Perspectives



Two altering perspectives of the world we live in.


We need to stop the flood.
Churning, swishing, swashing,

How terribly naive to believe
They'll help, lazy fools
You fend on your own,
Dear father can I have another million?
My house
My Home.
It might as well burn.
Raze and forget, move on
And regret.
Oh look at them fret,
The houses, oh look
At them sweat. Why don't they turn on
The air and jump in the pool? I'm sure it's
Delightful in June.
Follow me children,
Follow me. Say goodbye to your
Friends, say goodbye to home.
Oh dear, oh dear. Can we move?
I need a new beach to look at,
A new maid to corrupt,
A new garden with white roses,
A new quelque chose to sip.
S'il vous plait?
Here are some flowers.
I found them by the road.
I think that ones a tulip.
Oh dear, I've missed you.
Please send another trinket.
Ooo I think that ones a new home!
Please, dear lord.
Give me faith, give me grace,
Give me strength
Give me a reason to go on.
Hmm, give me this, that,
and oh dear lord
please help me choose what
Truffle to taste.
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