Crawling Against the Tide



dark thoughts/ mental struggle

I fall to my knees

Energy devoured by an invisible vampire

Crawling against the tide

Black clouds gathering

Fragile fingers clinging to life

Losing grip, implementing the final fall

To perdition, everlasting pain

In a state of paralysis, soul screaming for release

Searching for a remedy, an end to it all

My heart, my ruptured heart, inconsistent beat

Caught in a maelstrom, Evil's cold breath

Gratitude renounced, the will of the tyrant

How far I have descended, tints of life waning

Blood red eclipse darkening the sky

Blotting out the final rays of hope

I have tumbled to depths unknown

Unmapped maze, trickery around every corner

In the shadows they wait

My mind's foulest thoughts

Hell is one's own creation

An internal abomination

Denial of love, denial of compassion

Pillaging the remaining scraps of optimism

Scratching my skin raw

Nails long and filthy

There is something inside me

Possessing, controlling, destroying

I didn't sign up for this

Throw me into a casket

And let me suffer in silence

A burden to the world will burden you no more

Incorrigible, destined to embrace dancing devils

A new world opens its ancient black doors

Where my diabolical needs must be sated



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