More than me, more than now



4/1/2017 A piece about the world and the universe and time

I sit in the palm of a giant.

My eyes closed against the breeze on my face,

and a smile on my lips.

A silent prayer of thanks

escapes my soul,

gratitude for this moment,

for living here and now,

in this place...

with a memory and an imagining of you.


Night has fallen,

and the stars send their steadfast greetings,

hello, they wink...

always the same are they to my untrained eye,

but my heart receives their combined message

as if hand delivered;

there are whole worlds out there.

Today is simply a few errant words 

in the great encyclopedia of the universe. 


Perhaps I should take ownership?

Maybe I can make tomorrow count.

I pray it is so. 









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