The Drowning Man



Friendship isn't always simple, if really care for somene being atrue friend can be challenging and even painful

In so many ways we think alike

Our ambitions in life seem the same

Yet it’s a different target we need to strike

In order to each win our game.


And as we swim along freely together

I sometimes feel you pulling me down

The guilt you radiate makes me wonder whether

If we stay side by side, we’ll both drown.


Where I to swim ahead at my own pace

Would you consider my actions unfair

Would you tackle the challenge, not thinking it a race

Or is the ambition in you not really there.


Were I to float away in a new direction

Would you follow me like a child newly blind

Content to think that behind me you’d have protection

From the weakness inside you have yet to find.


Though as a friend I would not let you sink

You cannot keep expecting me to hold you afloat

Yet your immaturity seems to let you think

That in life’s ocean, I am your personal boat.


So with the hope you’ll learn to swim alone

            Sadly, my friend I must leave you,

                   To explore all the new waters I can

                              For it would serve neither of us any purpose

                                                To be the Drowning Man.

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