A blink, a blank and a pop of light.



11/5/16 A few poems from a rambling mindset

A blank page

is an open road.

I sit here

in the driver's seat

with words as my vehicle

and inspiration my fuel.

Your mind is a favourite destination.

I like to visit sometimes,

and plant new ideas

like trees or flowers

and watch them grow

slowly unfolding into the beauty

only you can create.




Sometimes I like to sit at the sea side,

just to watch and listen to the waves.

I never get my feet wet,

but often my cheeks are.

The roaring sea drowns out my thoughts,

and the pounding waves

obliterate my seething heart...

and I leave





A blank page 

is an open road

and I never know where

my fingers will take me.

Often feelings become words,

before thought has had a chance

to examine and dissect...




I am falling,

eternally falling,

and it is so free...

...there is no fear,

just joyful peace...








There is light all around,

on the periphery of vision,

but only darkness

when I turn my head.

Shake off

The fleeting moment of anxiety

and ...breathe...

I remember who I am.

It is you whom I do not know...

and that is ok.




Pouring light

from my heart into yours,

from my soul,

light as love,

light is love

to buoy you through the day

and smile you through the challenges.

Float along, my loved one,

let air bear your feet today.


Fear can get fucked.

A touch is healthy,

it keeps you safe.

too much is choking,

restricting like a snake 

wound tightly...

crushing the air out of your lungs,

stealing the will to live.


Light versus dark,

light plus dark.

Both are essential.


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