My heart's in hibernation



A poem about the heartbreak of love lost.

I’ve walked around with the pain so long

The hurt, the ire sings its own song

Now and then a little light shines through

But mainly I still agonise over me and you

I don’t speak about the feeling

My body and soul still reeling

From the pain of losing your love

It presses down heavy on me from above

Some days it’s hoary and stonier than ever

Others I remember your promise of forever

I swell, bubbling with happiness and elation

Remembering days of open invitation

When eyes sparkled and bare feet danced

Your open hands, your touch entranced

Lace kisses and heart-felt wishes

Skin on skin, velvet ribbon swishes

But now the broken pieces lie in quotation

Too deep inside, my heart’s in hibernation 

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